Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Mike Nichols


The highlight of this film for me was the outstanding actors who could so easily and realistically switch from a highly emotionally laden moment to light-hearted comic situations and lines. I thought it all very lifelike yet it still had the fantastic Hollywood glamour of ye olde day without taking anything away of the credibility. That’s all it takes for me to love a film! What was the most interesting to see though was the constant play with truth and lies in a fabulous fury of drunkenness and how this slowly unfolded and messed with people’s minds. However, I did find that if they’d left out all the music in the film the actors would’ve been even more compelling and the situations more gripping.

I would’ve very much loved to see this on Broadway when it first appeared on stage though.


Some kick-ass quotes I’d like to always and forever remember and possibly use it in every day conversations. Like you know, “Want some coffee?” “Sure thing, monkey nipples!”

He was blonde, had the face of a cherub and we all laughed.

I dance like the wind!

I swear, if you existed, I’d divorce you.

They dance like they’ve danced before.
It’s a familiar dance, monkey nipples, they both know it.