Tadanori Yokoo posters

I can’t exactly pinpoint my love for the sometimes crazy designs of Tadanori Yokoo but I can tell you that though I may not always like them, I’m always irrefutably fascinated by them. His use of colour, composition but mainly the strange juxtapositions of the many different elements in his posters compel me because though they can be so strange and contrastive they always seem to work so well together. So here are my favourite posters by him. Some I might like because they’re plain bizarre, some because I truly think they’re uncommonly beautiful, some I might just think cute.







This post is completely overwhelming yet I tried to keep these to the utmost minimum! I collected all the Yokoo posters I could find online (I surfed for hours on end) and put them online in a zip file here. (I’m mainly doing this for myself as I don’t want to loose all of these :D. I hope I’m not breaking any copyright rules?)