Suzanne Valadon

I’m so amazed by Suzanne Valadon, a female impressionist artist, and kind of pissed off that I haven’t stumbled across her before. Not only was she incredibly talented but she was also a fabulously eccentric person. At fifteen she was trained as a circus artist to make her living but after falling from a trapeze only a year later she had to give that up and so became an artist’s model. Which is lucky, because by modelling for Toulouse-Lautrec and Renoir among others she learned to paint. She soon developed her own style in the impressionist world and painted gorgeously curvy and fluid lines of often naked women. As for her personal life, Wikipedia tells me she wore a corsage out of carrots, kept a goat to eat her bad drawings and fed her cats Caviar. She’s my kind of woman.





I adore how she’s playing with those prints. Also, Ms Valadon loved to provoke quite obviously with portraying female sexuality and sensuality but without the subject pleading for the (male) viewer’s gaze. They are introverted and passive women.


Though she was part of the impressionist movement Suzanne created her own specific style with these gorgeously thick and fluid outlines often combined with these pattern-heavy decorative interiors.



These robust figures are so perfectly placed.