Robert Demachy

I’m in the middle of preparing my Photography paper and though I should continue I really can’t withhold myself from updating because I just came across a lovely photographer (out of my favourite photography era!) that I’ve never gave much attention until now but have just strangely fallen in love with.

In the early days of photography as an art form artists were confused on how to look upon this new medium and if it’s indeed to be treated as a new medium in art or just a medium to imitate other art forms. Firstly, Peter Henry Emerson believes and promotes with all his might that photography is a new art form. He believes that it should convey an objective image of life and reality just as our eyes convey it (not our subjective minds). Later on though we come to my new discovery and stumble upon the French Robert Demachy. He on the other hand is also a proponent of photography as a true art form but goes on to experiment and instead of focusing on the objective reproduction of reality he prefers the beauty, interpretation, sensitivity and artistic value which we like to call, pictorialism (one of my favourite movements in art and photography).

What I love most about Demachy is due to his manipulations he creates this beautifully poetic (I hate using the term poetic but it seems particularly striking here) image that comes close to impressionistic brushstrokes at times. Especially here in Struggle.


The strokes versus the reality of the woman’s body is pretty nice in my eyes.

Some other favourites:


Actually I’m just a sucker for preteen ballet dancers. (See Degas)



Again with the paint-like quality. It also looks a bit sculptured to me.



This might be my absolute favourite. I really love how this bearded man oozes mysticism.


A nice one I randomly found on the web. You know, these kind of images (mostly the last) always reminds me of Patsy’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous.