Part of Bill Viola’s I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like

So quick post again because I should be studying again… But I can’t not post this!

I’m not much of a Bill Viola fan since I don’t agree with his theories and explanations but I can appreciate some of his work such as this… So here’s a short explanation of this Viola video:

The work juxtaposes images of animals, both wild and domestic, and natural environments with human activity as it takes place in an apartment and during a fire walking ceremony in Fiji. Documentary-style footage is combined with staged events. Despite the piece’s lack of a traditional narrative, it bears some relationship to nature works. The credits indicate that the work is divided into five named sections, but the beginnings and endings of these sections seem deliberately blurred. The juxtaposition of images, along with the title, suggests some comparison between human and animal behavior, but no single or clear relationship is defined.

via New Television Workshop

So seeing as I love animals so much and that this owl’s eyes PIERCE into my soul I’d pretty much do anything to see this entire thing. So why is it that even though this kind of medium should be relatively cheap but still costs 40 dollars on Amazon? Sigh, I’ll never understand this world…