Legendary creatures of Japan; Baku

Baku by Hokusai (via)

Originally from China, this fantastic beast is said to be composed from the parts of many different
animals, the most common description giving it the body of a bear, a trunk like an elephant, the eyes
of a rhinoceros, the tail of a cow, strong legs like a tiger’s, and a spotted coat.

The baku is most famous for its ability to devour dreams, and can be called upon by people
in the midst of ominous nightmares, whereupon the creature will consume both the vision and the bad
fortune it contains. But in addition to that it is also said to prey on the spirits of disease and
plagues. The image of the baku is often kept by the bedside as a talisman against bad dreams
and evil spirits, and supposedly if you make your bed from the skin of a baku (if you can
find such a thing) it will keep illness at bay. (via)