Le Sacre du Printemps

I used to have an LJ community (well, I still do but I don’t update it any more) which was pretty much like this blog but with less words :). I still use it as an external memory because I tend to forget things easily. Eventually though, I’d like to delete that LJ community but seeing as I don’t want to forget about anything I posted there I’m going to post them in here so I can easily look up my favourite artists up. So yeah. This is one of them.

Le Sacre du Printemps is a ballet of the Ballets Russes choreographed by Nijinsky with music of Stravinsky and d├ęcor and costume designs by Roerich. It’s set in a prehistoric world where a virgin is chosen to dance herself to death as a sacrifice to the God of the sun.
The choreography was revolutionary back then (1913) because of the harsh and expressive movements.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this. I pretty much love everything by the Ballet Russes but absolutely adore this piece. I’m so in love with everything of it.

So expressive! I simply adore every minute of this!

I saw this for the first time in university for about two years ago and I must say I’m still equally obsessed with it! This piece is what got me fascintated by ballet in the first place and PLEASE of anyone out there knows where I can buy (or download – I’m desperate) a copy of this ballet please, please PLEASE tell me! I am utterly obsessed with the early days of Le Ballet Russes but sadly I can hardly ever find anything about it! I can only seem to find info on Le Ballet Russes of the period after Serge Diaghilev died. While I’m just so interested in the persona of Diaghilev! Ack! It’s pure torture for me!