Jim Morrison

Apparently I’m on a poetry binge this week! As I was lazily searching the web for random poems today, I came across a one by Jim Morrison. Memories came flooding back and I remember my introduction of him in the filthy room by a handsome, bearded and -of course- aspiring rock star, who was enamoured by sixties rock bands. But the boy let his beard grow and cut his hair short so I, being the perfect teenage girl, dismissed him and decided to worship Jim instead. Mmm, Mr. Morrison! Good times were had on that music. Singing along to Light My Fire in a smoke-filled car and laughing and gossiping… But it was years later that I discovered his poems and fell head over heels for it. It’s true love between him and me!

Here are some of my favourite poems by him:

Wilderness vol. 2

I am troubled immeasurably
by your eyes
I am struck by the feather
of your soft reply

Broken glass
speaks quick disdain
and conceals what your
heart trys to explain.

Last Moment

You lost the taste of yesterday,
you get the progress of tomorrow,
you cover your perspired face
with your palm.

Your creaking laughing reminds me
the train, which we travel on, to the last moment.

Every Morning

The night dies every morning
but she laughs at the day after all.
You must hide the sun from her,
I got through, but I’m still here.

I was looking for joy, your treasure
you cried for me and I forgot you after all,
I did find nothing, but love
I got through, come and find me.

Minutes, hours, days, weeks
passing by but you have to wait.
If a door opens in the distance
got through, come and follow me!


An explosion of birds
Sun strokes the walls
An old man leaves the Casino
A young man reading pauses
On the path to the garden

Well, I’m glad I have these neatly stored in one place now.

Oh and just because:

Hello old love!