Jan Švankmajer

I don’t know much about stop-motion animator and film-maker, Jan ┼ávankmajer, but I do know I love him! His version of Alice In Wonderland (simply called Alice) was one of the most used videos in my VCR when I was a child and to this day it’s without a doubt my favourite version too (it even ranks higher than the book for me, sorry literature lovers!). Since then I’ve discovered more and more films and videos online made by Jan. They’re utterly stunning and I highly recommend you to check it out. His entire work has an eerie yet beautiful, surrealist feel to it and speaks far more to your imagination than any current computer-made animation does. The video above is one of my favourite shorts, but I also highly recommend you to check out both Alice and Faust. I believe they’re on YouTube (but if you look hard, you might find a better HD version elsewhere). Another short film you need to see is Down To The Cellar and is (surprisingly!) posted on YouTube in quite good quality. So check it out before it gets taken away!