Gilbert & Georges

So some weeks ago at a local bookfest I raved about Pierre et Gilles and how awesome they were to my friends. They are indeed unfathomably awesome but I mistakenly said they once pictured Jesus Christ in lederhosen. It was only days later that I realised it wasn’t Pierre et Gilles who did that but Gilbert & Georges (yes, I am easily confused as that! – it’s pretty lame to say the least). So I’d like to set this straight and show a little of the awesomeness that is Gilbert & Georges. Gilbert is Italian and George English, they’re an artist duo and are mostly renowned for their performances and great photography sculptures. Their ‘photography sculptures’ (my words, sadly) are collages of several images/photos (that mostly include themselves) that are presented on glass. This sounds awkward and weird, I know, so let me give you an example.


That’s the short of it so I kindly direct you to their wikipedia page if you want to know more.

Some stuff I really love:



Haha, I love them so much! They look like complete and total stuck up nerds when you see them but their sense of humour never ceases to amaze me. This weirdo humour is also combined with strong political stands and that’s what makes me adore them even more. I direct you to this page to see their video about their exposition, Son of a God. I apparently saw this two or three years ago and it has been in my mind ever since (albeit a little vague). They’ve totally enamoured me with their pure genius-like awesomeness! (My favourite part of this is obviously when they start talking about imagining Jesus in bedazzled lederhosen!)

Oh and just because: