Frida Kahlo

First of all, I must mention that although I adore Frida, I don’t appreciate every single work of hers. In fact I appreciate very little of it. But when one of her paintings catches my eye, it catches my heart and mind forever. My personal favourites:


I think I simply love the big, pearly tears and that great lace. Her tears may come off as cheesy to some because it’s so direct but I personally find this very honest and moving.


Weeping Coconuts, it’s called. I think it’s funny and at the same time rather sad. But mostly funny.


Knowing Frida’s personal struggle with her physical health (poliomyelitis at six, disastrous accident at seventeen etc.) this is painful to watch. Once again I find her pleasingly honest here.


My absolute favourite! This is one of those works I have on my ‘Must See Live Before Death’-list. I can’t tell you how long I’ve stared at countless reproductions of this. I think it might become my personal Pope Innocentus X.