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Žižek on Jenny Holzer’s truism

Jenny Holzer’s famous truism “Protect me from what I want” […] can either be read as an ironic reference to the standard male chauvinist wisdom that a woman, when left to herself, gets caught in the self-destructive fury, so that she must be protected from herself by the benevolent male domination: “Protect me from the excessive self-destructive desire in me that I myself am not able to dominate.” Or it can be read in a more radical way, as pointing towards the fact that in today’s patriarchal society, woman’s desire is radically alienated, that she desires what men expect her to desire, that she desires to be desired by men. In this case, “Protect me from what I want” means “What I want, precisely when I seem to formulate my authentic innermost longing, is already imposed on me by the patriarchal order that tells me what to desire, so the first condition of my liberation is that I break up the vicious cycle of my alienated desire and learn to formulate my desire in an autonomous way.”

From How to Read Lacan

Hayv Kahraman

“Games are the first learning tools in a child’s life so inserting this sort of innocence and naivety that is then combined with the notion of the perishable flesh and how frail our bodies really are, is the essence of these works. Each one of these paintings has a polarity of the plasticity and transfiguration of the flesh with the pretense and innocence of a child’s toys. The puzzles add another dimension to this all by creating a layer of separation and detachment to our flesh.” Hayv Kahraman

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“Gutai art does not falsify the material. In Gutai art the human spirit and the material reach out their hands to each other, even though they are otherwise opposed to each other. The material is not absorbed by the spirit. The spirit does not force the material into submission. If one leaves the material as it is, presenting it just as material, then it starts to tell us something and speaks with a mighty voice. Keeping the life of the material alive also means bringing the spirit alive, and lifting up the spirit means leading the material up to the height of the spirit.”

Jiro Yoshihara in the Gutai Manifesto (via Atsuko Tanaka Cantz series)